Combining relaxation and exploration in Dubrovnik.

At this point, my love of travel was just beginning, so I was oblivious to just how beautiful Croatia is. I quickly discovered Dubrovnik had the most beautiful old town and plenty of things to do. Soon, our supposedly relaxing holiday was ever so slightly hijacked by my desire to explore.

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Things I do to help my mental health.

I've well and truly opened my tear duct flood gates and that's fine with me. Crying is so cathartic; I'm metaphorically shedding my misery with my tears. If I try to hold in my tears, it actually makes my head and face ache. For me it feels more healthy to let myself feel rather than try to fight it.


A perfect day in Paris.

Going up the Eiffel Tower is probably the most touristy thing you could do in Paris, but I don't care, I love it. There is something magical about being atop one of the most iconic buildings in the world, looking down at a beautiful city glittering in the night.  


Why Iceland is magical.

Iceland has the most unique landscapes I've ever seen. Lava fields, glaciers, volcanoes, hot springs, waterfalls, and so on. They all seem to flow seamlessly into each other: if I believed in God, I'd consider him a fantastic landscape architect, but isn't it even more incredible that these sights are entirely natural wonders, and a testament to incredible power of our world?

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Moments of pure happiness.

I have moments of pure, undiluted joy where I smile, laugh, cry. A "thank fuck I didn't give up, I am so grateful for this life" moment. Most of these have happened while I've been exploring a new country. I would guess it is the combination of the beauty of our world and the gratitude that I can not only see and experience it, but I can do so without my vision being obstructed by depression.