Falling in love with Copenhagen.

“At the heart of Danish life, and at the core of hygge, is a deeper stability of contentment.” 

 Louisa Thomsen Brits, The Book of Hygge


Hi. I really loved Copenhagen. It’s literally the only place I’ve visited and thought “I want to live here.” I visited for 2 nights in March 2017, and I’m going to share what I loved about Copenhagen, with some recommendations for anybody considering visiting.


The sights.

I love the tidy, colourful architecture (and it’s definitely needed to contrast against the grey skies.) Arguably, there are cities with more breathtaking buildings (Paris, Vienna, Barcelona etc) but I still fell hard for the architecture in Copenhagen. I even like the way the street lights hang (insert several nerd emojis here.)

We didn’t actually do that much sight seeing in Copenhagen; within a day we’d decided we love the city so much we will definitely go back, so there was no rush. So, we did a bit ambling around the streets rather than directly seeking locations, and loved what we saw.

Recommended sights:

  • Nyhavn – the colourful houses by the canal. A must.
  • Amalienborg – a palace where you can watch the changing of the guards
  • Rundetaarn – a unique spiral building without any steps. With great views!
  • Tivoli Gardens – a theme park  (which was closed for winter when we visited) but is supposedly a must do.)
  • Frederik’s Church – If you like pretty domed roofs, you’ll like this too.
  • The Wish Tree – You’ll find this on Paper Island. It’s best explained here.  I loved reading through strangers wishes and good intentions.

The food.

If you’re anything like me, you’re thinking “how much better can actual Danish pastry be though?”

Turns out: a lot. Eating a ‘Danish’ pastry in the UK makes me a little bit sad now, because they don’t even come close to the real thing.  Besides pastries, Copenhagen offers many great places to eat. Every single meal or snack left us very happy little piglets.


  • Paper Island/Papiroeen – indoor world street food stalls. Mexican, Brazilian, Moroccan, Japanese… so much to choose from, at fair prices.
  • Bertels Salon – Cheesecake, hot drinks, and beautiful , cosy Danish decor. Need I say more?
  • The Olive Kitchen & Bar – A wonderful restaurant with a small but perfect menu. The service and food were incredible. Really recommend this for a romantic dinner.
  • Torvehallerne – An indoor market with lots of choice. Go to Grod for the best porridge (ever) and Granny’s House for aaamazing pastries.
  • Lagkagehuset – A pastry chain with, you guessed it, delicious pastries. Get anything with cinnamon and you won’t be disappointed. (unless you hate cinnamon, ofc.)



The transport.

I’ll keep this brief because I doubt many people are that interested in discussing metro systems. Anyway – Copenhagen’s metro is great. You can get from the airport to the center of the city in about 20 mins, on one (very clean) train.

There are a lot of cyclists in Copenhagen, however it’s a lot less hectic than Amsterdam (I never once felt like I was going to be trampled by a billion bicycles when crossing the road.)

Also, you can get a lil canal cruise for a bargain price of around £5. A good way of getting an overview, as well as a peek of The Little Mermaid statue (that seems to disappoint everyone) without trekking over to it. You can also stay dry and warm, if you’re visiting in the winter.



The atmosphere.

This is the most important one for me, but also the most difficult to explain.
It’s known to be one of the happiest country’s on earth, and honestly, as soon as I arrived in the city, I felt peaceful and happy.  Have you ever been anywhere, and just felt in sync with it?

People seem organised but not rushed, relaxed but didn’t dawdle around. It was like things were going at my ideal pace.
Everybody we met was friendly (but unintrusive) and their English incredible.
I literally don’t know how to explain it, but the atmosphere in Copenhagen made me happy, relaxed and at peace.




Writing this has made me want to go back to Copenhagen immediately...

Which cities have stolen your heart? Is there anything in Copenhagen I’ve missed out on, and need to check out on my next visit?


4 thoughts on “Falling in love with Copenhagen.”

  1. I loooove how you described this city! I want to live here now! I love relaxed cities because I feel like I live in a city that is always like “go, go, go” I for sure need to visit now! or live there 😉


    1. Ahh thank you! The ‘vibe’ of a city is really hard to describe, especially as it’s different for everybody. Definitely visit!! It felt more like a town than a big city, and I loved that


  2. Your love for this city shines through! Such a fun read because of that. I’ve been there myself and know exactly what you mean. Copenhagen is also very famous for interior things 😊 And the pastry is just as delicious as you described 😋


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