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London favourites: Restaurants

“I generally avoid temptation unless I can’t resist it.”
Mae West

Just like bars, London has many great restaurants, and I love the variety of cuisines on offer. Below are some of my favourite restaurants that I’ve been to (so far!)

Berners Tavern

“Jason Atherton’s upmarket Modern British restaurant in Ian Schrager’s London Edition Hotel.”

We went here for brunch and left with a bill that made our eyes water a little bit (why can’t I say no to cocktails?) so I’m just gonna link the menu here. But it’s okay, because have you SEEN this place? The food and drinks were amazing – if you can get a champagne cocktail alongside your pancakes, you’re already onto a winner.

Anyway, who wants to come back here with me so I can try their dinner menu, and moreeee cocktails? (where’s the pig emoji when you need it?)

Burger & Lobster

“Burgers, whole lobster or lobster rolls with chips and salad for set price in American-style diner.”

Serves (drum roll please…) burgers and lobster. TA DA! This is a chain, so there’s a few dotted around London. The lobster roll is heavenly  and you need to try it if you haven’t yet. Prices range from around £15 – £35ish depending on what you have (which should be the original lobster roll, just sayin’)

Have a peek at the menu here


Bob Bob Ricard

“Uniformed staff serve Russian-inspired Modern British menu and cocktails in cool art deco surrounds.”

Again, this is not that budget friendly (especially if you’re flexing your champagne button finger) so unless your wallet is healthier than mine (easily done) save it for a special occasion. The decor, the food, the drinks: all perfection. The best dish of the night for me was the Eton Mess – It’s the pink meringue sphere pictured.

I really want to go back and have their posh Sunday lunch, or the beef wellington because it’s meant to be their best dish. Also, the champagne button is calling my name. Menu here. 


“High-end steak specialist serving British dry-aged T-bone, D-rump and porterhouse, plus seafood.”

Beef, and a lot of it. We actually visited for a Sunday lunch (which, in case you didn’t know, Brits are a little obsessed with) and it was really good. Hawksmoor is a bit of an indulgence price wise, but the Sunday roast was actually much fairer on our wallets than we had expected. The beef is amazing, the sides are amazing, and the wine list is really amazing. (Seriously, I had the best red wine here. I need to stalk the menu to remind myself what it was.)

We visited the Seven Dials (Covent Garden) branch, and it’s an elegant, cosy restaurant under ground. I recommend this branch in particular. Menu here


“Buzzy destination for Indian street food in Bombay-style digs with vintage decor & upscale touches.”

I haven’t got any photos, despite being twice, which is probably because I was head down in my trough  dinner the entire time, so I’ve pinched  some off their website. Again, this is a chain so you’ll find a few around London, and they are always mega busy. You can’t book after 6pm unless you’re a table of 6 or more, and the queues are regularly at least an hour long wait, so I’d recommend having an early-ish dinner and book in a 5:45pm.

So, it’s insanely good Indian food, Bombay cafe style dishes (sharing plates, so you can try a good few dishes!) The food is all delicious, I’ve never had a bad dish here, and the service is always good despite how busy it is. Also, try the bolly-bellini because it’s great.

I know it’s a really hyped chain, but I do think it’s deserving of it’s reputation if you like Indian food. This is probably my favourite out all of the restaurants I’ve listed. Menu here.

Have I missed any of your favourite restaurants in London? Where else do I need to try?

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