Travel at Home: Bath

“Oh! Who can be ever tired of Bath?”
– Jane Austen, Northanger Abbey



Bath is the largest city in Somerset, England. The city has a rich history, and is famed for it’s Roman built baths. It was also home to Jane Austen for a time.  Bath does get a lot of tourism (day trips from London) but deservedly so.

What can you do there?

The big attraction is the Roman Baths, constructed around 70AD, and accidentally rediscovered in 1775, and carefully restored. They are really interesting to visit and learn about; its hard to imagine ancient Roman’s bathing here so long ago. Unfortunately some areas were just too busy for us to linger listening to the audio guide, so if you go, try and go on a week day outside of school holidays.

Bath Abbey is the a dramatic Gothic church, situated right by the Baths. Sit on a bench and take in the architecture and history, and no doubt there will be someone playing live music nearby to add the atmosphere.

Bath has a lot of beautiful Georgian architecture, so it’s lovely to wander around. The Circus and The Royal Crescent are famous landmarks, they consist of grade I listed townhouses, arranged in a curve. I know it sounds boring, but it’s actually pretty. I couldn’t really get a great photo of it, so Google it if you’re curious.

Honestly, I would hate to live in one of the houses with all the tourists outside – people were shamelessly walking into peoples front gardens to take photos by the houses.


Pulteney Bridge is another example of the beautiful architecture in Bath. It sits over the river Avon, and has shops lining the bridge itself. Again there are better pictures than mine to demonstrate how pretty it is!



What can I eat and drink?

I’d really recommend The Fudge Kitchen near the Roman Baths. The staff are friendly and fun; they do live demonstrations of fudge making, and happily give out free samples. This is without any pressure to buy whatsoever. We bought some because it was delicious. Also I’m a big fan of their packaging (and advise given on their fudge table.)

For lunch or dinner, I really recommend an Italian restaurant called Sotto Sotto. It’s cosy, the service is great, and the food even better. I had the best tiramisu there! You’ll need to book ahead, and can only do so by phone, but it’s worth it.


Yes. If you like pretty architecture and are interested in history at all, you’ll probably love it here. As I said, it is already a tourist destination, so can get busy; so try visit on a weekday, outside of school holidays.

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