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A (flexible) to do list for 2018.

I gave up new years resolutions. Instead, I like to list a few fun things I want to do in upcoming year. Call me crazy, but I like to be excited about the upcoming year rather than seeing it as a battleground in which I must address my (ever present) flaws.ย 

mental health

Stupid things people said to me when I was severely depressed.

I don't have a large social circle, and I've never publicised a lot of my private life (other than on here, but you get my point.) But, even with this small sample size, I've had some insensitive, ignorant and straight up fucking stupid things said to me in regards to depression.

mental health

Coping with ugly days.

On a good day, I am able to understand: me and my body are different things. I am me, and my body is just transport. Just like my worth isn't represented by the car I drive, it's not represented by the body I move around in. I am strong & defiant, understanding that any person who doesn't want to interact with me because of my appearance is not somebody I want to be around anyway; they're a shitty person and not worthy of a second thought.