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Book round up: January 2018

I was really disappointed in this book. The sticker on the front had the audacity to declare it "the most talked about book of the year" or some nonsense. Erm... what are people discussing here?  It's a super basic thriller imo, I guessed the ending very quickly, and all the characters were 'meh.'


Iceland: Winter VS Summer

Prior to visiting Iceland I was always torn between whether to visit in summer or winter. Having now visited in the two extremes (middle of summer and middle of winter) I'm going to outline the most important things to consider when deciding when to visit. 

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A complicated relationship with New Years Eve.

It's hard for me to understand, because I am ridiculously, weepily, happy about how much life I'm living now. As I've explained before, depression has given me a heightened sense of gratitude for any good things that happen to me. New Years seems like a logical time to celebrate my good fortune, but the day is blemished by melancholy. I think I am scarred.


Best travel moments of 2017.

Because you're dressed as a rubbery marshmallow you easily float on top of the water, and look down into what I can only describe as another world. The water itself is so clean and pure (it's as pristine as you can get) and the visibility here is over 100m, which is an experience that can rarely be (if ever) duplicated anywhere else.